Sercurity policy

The online payment system on the website is connected with the PAYPAL Online Payment Gateway Partner. When the Customer agrees to use the bank card to pay orders on WEBSITE YLANG YLANG, the customer will be forwarded to the PAYPAL Payment Gateway website to enter card information. Therefore, Customer's bank card information is not processed on WEBSITE YLANG YLANG's system, but on PAYPAL's payment system.

PAYPAL's system applies measures to ensure data security, information on transactions and accounts of customers in accordance with standards of International Card Organizations.

You can check the security of PAYPAL system at the links below:

In addition, WEBSITE YLANG YLANG also takes measures to ensure data safety and transaction information for customers such as:
1. Comply with the regulations on risk management of PAYPAL and International Card Payment Organization.
2. Complying with information security regulations in accordance with Vietnamese law.
3. Fully complying with the contents of the Privacy Policy providing for the privacy of general personal information of customers.