Delivery and Return

1. Delivery:
Delivery, free nationwide by post
For customers in Quang Nam, Da Nang, Ylang Ylang will contact customers directly to discuss the delivery and delivery location directly.

2. Time of delivery / receipt of goods:
After receiving the order, within 24 hours, Sony Center will actively contact you by phone to confirm the order and the specific delivery time.
Delivery time after order has been shipped to the shipping unit will depend on your shipping address:
         + Quang Nam - Da Nang area: 1-2 working hours (08AM - 08PM).
         + Other provinces: 2-4 working hours (08AM - 08PM).

3. Regulations on the time to notify and send returned products:

Time for notification of payment: within 24 hours after receiving the product in case customers do not want to use the service.
Where to return products:
- COD payment method: Customers can bring the product directly to our office / store to be refunded in cash.
- For online payment: Please contact us via mail or phone number so that we can cancel on the system and refund the customer according to the payment method.
In case you have suggestions / complaints regarding product quality, please contact our customer service line.