The name Ylang Ylang Spa was chosen for its exotic beauty and invigorating aroma. Its goal - to sooth and balance the mind and body. After your visit, you will walk away feeling relieved and stress free. Services provided are essential for health maintenance and stress reduction. Restorative therapies are offered in a private treatment, secret and quiet. Ylang Ylang Spa is a holistic and rejuvenating spa focusing primarily on the treatment of body relax. Spa owner Ms. Anita, a professional training manager in body treatments and waxing, has extensive experience in specializing and customizing massage and facial treatments. She worked at a number of prestigious spas: "Swiss-belhotel Golden Sand resort & spa", Fusion Maya, Hyatt Regency and Almanity resort, have made her one of the best in her field. Ylang Ylang Spa uses only the finest skin care products specializing in Lohasys from Korea. Our goal is to meet your unique needs and make your best trip to be better.