Luggage Keeping Service - Da Nang International Airport

Thông tin giao nhận voucher
  • Sau khi thanh toán, voucher sẽ được giao đến khách sạn cho quí khách trong vòng 2 giờ
  • Nêu quí khách không có tại khách sạn, nhân viên sẽ gửi tại quầy lễ tân.
  • Đồng thời, quí khách cũng sẽ nhận được voucher điện tử gửi đến email của quí khách, có giá trị như nhau.
  • Xe sẽ đến khách sạn đón quí khách trước 15 phút so với giờ đặt hẹn của quí khách
  • Trong trường hợp quí khách không nhận được email phản hồi, vui lòng kiểm tra mục Thư Rác (Spam Folder).
  • Each piece of luggage cannot be more than 32in (80cm x 40cm x 40cm), and cannot weigh more than 30kg
  • Your luggage can be a suitcase, carton, backpack, or bag (briefcase). Please note that sports equipment, wheelchairs, and other non-bag materials have to be under 100x100cm
  • Please don't leave your passport, flight documents, mobile phone, laptop and other important personal items in your luggage
  • Please make sure to check your luggage upon pick up. If you find something wrong with your luggage, please consult with one of the customer service staffs of the operator
  • Once the luggage is confirmed as received, the service is complete then operator will no longer bear any responsibility
  • Please do not keep prohibited items in the airport in your luggage
  • If the luggage does not meet one of the legal rules, the service will be terminated even the booking is successful. The customer will bear all the losses and any legal liabilities for the incident
  • Upon checkout, just drop off your luggage at the front desk of your hotel and the operator will come to pick up the luggage. Please remember to take photos of your luggage and storage receipt from the receptionist before leaving the hotel

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